2018 Work Plan Schedule

2018 Work Plan Schedule

Central U.P. Prosperity Council Work Plan Schedule – 2018  
Task Target Start Target Completion Priority (Urgent, High, Medium, Low) Product Responsible Party Complete?
Complete project selection for 2017 remainder funds


January 11 March 8 Urgent Approved funding Advisory Committee
Create contract for RPI projects


January 11 February 8 Urgent Contract template Ryan
Review of membership terms


January 11 February 8 Urgent Attendance table Ryan
Establish 2018 meeting schedule


February 8 February 8 Urgent 2018 Schedule Advisory Committee
Bylaw/meeting guidelines revisions


February 8 March 8 High Updated bylaws Advisory Committee, Ryan
Dashboard review and revisions


March 8 May 10 Medium Updated dashboard Dashboard sub-committee, Ryan
Update the RPI plan


April 12 December 2018 Medium RPI 2018 Update Advisory Committee, Ryan
RPI quarterly project updates – Q2


June July Medium Project report Ryan, Project coordinators
RPI quarterly project updates – Q3


September October Medium Project report Ryan, Project coordinators
Regional Economic Diversification Summit


TBD TBD High Summit event Advisory Committee
RPI quarterly project updates – Q4


December January 2019 Medium Project report Ryan, Project coordinators
CEDS Update


December January 2019 High Updated CEDS Peter VanSteen, Ryan, Advisory Committee
Annual Report to CUPPAD Executive Committee January 2019 February 2019 Medium Annual report on progress Council co-chairs