CTE Campaign

During the 2015 FY CUPPAD worked with local educators, non-profits, and businesses to help identify the problems with the current CTE workforce. The problems identified were; a lacking skilled trade workforce, a generally poor perception of skilled trades, and a lack of knowledge on skilled trades.  Through a variety of multi-media approaches, CUPPAD and associates have been working towards solving current CTE problems.

CUPPAD hired a Videography to create promotional videos encouraging citizens to join the skilled trades. Videos were created, in partnership with Michigan Works, to showcase the opportunities that exist locally to learn skills while earning credit and actually participating in the workforce. Five videos were created, one from each region of the Upper Peninsula. Still shots were used to create social media memes encouraging others to look into the skilled trades. This will help with the small amount of people joining the skilled trades by sparking their interest in learning more.

To support careers in technical education even further, The Marketing Department (a local advertisement agency) joined the marketing team to help storyboard ideas for creating interest in, and changing the perception of, the skilled trades. These videos will be broadcasted on TV and displayed online. With these videos, we hope to diminish preexisting perceptions of manufacturing being a dirty and boring career. There are many cultural perceptions of skilled trades being dangerous, under paid, and under educated. Future videos will continue to aim at creating a new perception of the skilled trades.

Branding was created to help funnel people in the correct direction.  “See yourself ” was voted as the campaign slogan. This was to help target both children and adults alike. While younger people tend to think of the present and older people tend to think about the future, “See yourself” lends itself to apply to both the present and the future. CUPPAD and associates will continue to work on changing the perceptions of the skilled trades by educating the public on actual working conditions.

CUPPAD has created a YouTube channel to showcase these, and other, videos for the Region.

In addition to the above activities, CUPPAD collaborated with WUPPDR and EUPRPDC to create a CTE Asset Map. The intent is to continue working with partners to update this map on at least an annual basis.