Regional Transit


In June 2014 Governor Snyder released a message to the legislature on the topic of aging that described the urgent need for improved regional transportation in the state. This issue has become a priority in order to improve the quality of life in Michigan, particularly for its aging residents. The Governor directed the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the state’s regional planning agencies to work on the issue of regional transit. MDOT has laid out a three step approach to addressing the issue or regional transportation. The Regional Transit Mobility Plan comprises Step 1 of this approach and describes what is known about the existing regional transit system.


This 2015 assessment of regional transit mobility found that the effectiveness of regional transportation in the CUP varies by the transportation provider as well as by the person seeking transport. Transit agencies in the region are able to provide some limited demand-response regional services. However, the only regular, formal bus route between counties exists between the cities of Munising and Marquette. There are options available through health care providers and community action agencies for people in the area who are elderly or poor and seeking non-emergency medical care which they are able to plan ahead for. Additionally, there are taxi services in the region than could fulfill many of the unmet needs that have been identified, but at a cost that is not affordable as a daily option.