Rural Broadband

CUPPAD has connect MIpartnered with Connect Michigan and area economic development organizations to assist with a broadband access study.

In doing this, CUPPAD has sent out surveys via newspapers and summer tax bills throughout the region. The surveys collect the necessary data in order to identify underserved areas and work towards improving broadband access in rural areas of the region. The goal of the study is to expand internet access in a way that would connect residents with online services, improve economic development, enhance education, and improve overall quality of life.

Local input is crucial in becoming more aware of what the Central U.P.’s broadband needs are. Through this study we have received over 2,000 completed surveys.

To view The Broadband Study Survey Report please click here.

CUPPAD will continue to partner with Connect Michigan and will distribute the Internet Survey results to providers and County government entities. The GIS maps of the responses will be used to show the obvious need in our communities for enhanced broadband service. With the assistance of the Connect Michigan representatives, meetings with providers will be arranged to further discuss the results of the survey and assist those providers in their development of a business case to expand in those communities where the data supports the demand for expanded broadband service.